Connecting from PowerBI#

In this article, we will show you how to connect PowerBI to Querona.


Querona emulates Microsoft SQL Server, therefore a built-in SQL Server provider is sufficient to connect to Querona.

PowerBI documentation is available in Microsoft online help.

Step 1: Open PowerBI and select Microsoft SQL Server#

If you have not started the PowerBI yet, open it. Under the “Get Data” section, please select the SQL Server option.

PowerBI welcome screen

A new dialog opens.

Step 2: Enter server name taken from Querona Dashboard#

Into a “Server” textbox enter the Querona server name and select a “DirectQuery” option. You can leave the “Database” textbox empty.

PowerBI enter server name

Click OK.

Step 3: Choose a database and desired tables or views#

From the left menu in PowerBI choose desired tables or views and start exploring your data with PowerBI.

PowerBI choose database

Click Load.

Step 4: Choose query mode#

Notice that thanks to Querona the “DirectQuery” mode is always available, so only results of your queries are transferred.

PowerBI choose query mode

Step 5: Optionally examine your data model#

PowerBI examine model

Step 6: Start building your reports#

PowerBI final results

That concludes the steps required to connect and use PowerBI with Querona.