Business terms

This chapter describes how to assign the business terms to various objects. It is available from the Business terms menu item and is the same for the following objects:

In order to define the business terms please refer to Business terms in the Administration Guide.

Business terms list

Assign the business term

In order to assign new term please click on the ASSIGN button in the top right corner. The screen with the available business terms to assign will appear.

Column name Description
Name The business term name.
Parent term The parent business term name.
Action The Assign business term action. When clicked, the term is assigned and you will be redirected to the assigned business terms list.

Typing the text into the search box looks immediately for any presence of the search phrase in the Name column. The found phrase is marked yellow on matching elements. You can enable Search root business terms only to look for only top level elements.

Assign the business term

Business term details

This section allows seeing the business terms details. The attributes are only in the read only mode.

Parameter Description
Name The business term name.
Parent It displays the logical parent for the current business term or “No parent” if the current business term is the root.
Definition The business term definition.
Description The business term description.
Alias The list of the aliases for the current business term. If business term has no aliases then No aliases appears.
Business terms details

Remove the business term

Select the business term to remove and click DELETE button. To confirm the action press OK. This action will only disconnect the business term from the object metadata, so business term definition is not affected.

Remove business term