Returns information about a data type.




Is the name of the data type.


Is the type of information to be returned for the data type. property can be one of the following values:

Property Description Value returned
AllowsNull Data type allows for null values. 1 = True 0 = False NULL = Data type not found.

Owner of the type.

Note: The schema owner is not necessarily the type owner.

Nonnull = The database user ID of the type owner. Default is: 4 NULL = Unsupported type, or type ID is not valid.
Precision Precision for the data type. The number of digits or characters. =1 = xml or large value data type NULL = Data type not found.
Scale Scale for the data type. The number of decimal places for the data type. NULL = Data type is not numeric or not found.
UsesAnsiTrim ANSI padding setting was ON when the data type was created. 1 = True 0 = False NULL = Data type not found, or it is not a binary or string data type.

Return types



SELECT TYPEPROPERTY(SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) + '.' + name, 'OwnerId') AS owner_id
     , name
     , system_type_id
     , user_type_id, schema_id
  FROM sys.types

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