Returns information about full-text catalog properties.


FULLTEXTCATALOGPROPERTY ('catalog_name' ,'property')



Is an expression containing the name of the full-text catalog.


Is an expression containing the name of the full-text catalog property. The table lists the properties and provides descriptions of the information returned.

Property Description
AccentSensitivity Accent=sensitivity setting. 0 = Accent insensitive
IndexSize Logical size of the full=text catalog in megabytes (MB). Includes the size of semantic key phrase and document similarity indexes. Returns 0.
ItemCount Number of indexed items including all full=text, keyphrase and document similarity indexes in a catalog. Returns 0.
LogSize Supported for backward compatibility only. Always returns 0.
MergeStatus Whether a master merge is in progress. 0 = master merge not in progress
PopulateCompletionAge The difference in seconds between the completion of the last full=text index population and 01/01/1990 00:00:00. Returns 0. Only updated for full and incremental crawls. Returns 0 if no population has occurred.
PopulateStatus 0 = Idle
UniqueKeyCount Number of unique keys in the full=text catalog. Returns 0.
ImportStatus Whether the full=text catalog is being imported. 0 = The full=text catalog is not being imported.

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