Installation troubleshooting#

Local Apache Spark does not start#

  • Check if the metabase connection string is set properly, especially when SQL Server named instance is used,

  • Check Querona and Apache Spark logs under %PROGRAMDATA%\Querona\logs for clues.

Installation was successful, but I’m unable to connect to Administrative Portal#

If you configured Querona to use SSL, it is possible that:

Possible cause


You used an unsupported SSL certificate (designated in installer as UNVERIFIED)

Uninstall Querona and install it again without SSL or Use a verified certificate ensuring that certificate has a private key

Certificate lacks private key

Use certificate that has a private key

Installer was not able to grant private key access for the service user

Grant read access to certificate private key to the service user by following the instructions below

How to grant certificate private key access to a service user#

To use SSL, internal web server (Kestrel) needs access to the private key stored in the selected certificate. During installation, installer tries to grant the read-only access for the service user. If installer cannot add the necessary permissions, it logs the warning in the installation log and silently continues.

To manually configure the access permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the certlm.msc (local computer certificate management MMC snap-in),

  2. Open Personal ‣ Certificate folder,

  3. Find the required certificate, right-click and select All tasks ‣ Manage private keys…,

  4. Add the service user account to the list and grant it the Read permission,

  5. Save and exit the MMC,

  6. Verify that Administration portal’s GUI is accessible.