System components#

Querona installs the following components:

  • Querona Server

  • Apache Spark

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

  • Data providers

Querona Server#

Querona Server is a Windows service that requires Microsoft .Net 8 or later to run.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)#

JRE is required for Apache Spark to run. If no compatible JRE is detected during installation, built-in JRE (Zulu) will be privately installed and used.

Apache Spark#

Apache Spark is an open-source engine for large-scale data processing. It is built-in and Querona Server partially depends on it.

Apache Spark requires JRE to run. If a compatible JRE is not present, a built-in JRE (Zulu) will be used.

Data providers#

Querona supports a lot of data providers, including general data access technologies like ADO.Net, ODBC, JDBC and 3rd party providers. These data providers are not included in the installation package and need to be downloaded from the vendor website. If providers are to be used in production, the vendor licensing rules apply.

Some of the providers (for example SAP Hana) require separate installation of client software. For a complete list of providers and their requirements please navigate to Data sources.