Installing driver on Cloudera#

To install Querona Spark driver on a Cloudera 5.10 box, log in and launch the Terminal (if using a graphical shell). Default login and password for a quickstart machine is cloudera/cloudera.

Online installation#

Execute the following command to install the Spark driver:

wget -O - | sudo sh

The installation script will be downloaded and fed directly to the shell. It will then download the necessary package and proceed with the installation. At the end of the process, Querona driver service will start and become ready to use.

Offline installation#

If direct access to Internet is not available on the server, copy the installation script as well as the installation package querona-cloudera510.tar.gz to the Cloudera machine through whatever means available. Open the terminal, change the working directory to the folder containing both files and execute the following to install:

chmod +x
sudo ./ querona-cloudera510.tar.gz



If shell complains about syntax errors during installation, akin to the following:

bash: ./ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

It means the installation script is using Windows line endings (CRLF) instead of Unix (LF). Download the script if necessary and execute the following command to convert to LF:

tr -d "\r" < >

Execute the script instead.


To verify that the querona driver has been started, issue the following command as root (or via sudo):

status querona

The output should match with the following, process id subject to differ:

querona start/running, process 14078

In the case of issues, /var/log/querona.out.log contains log output from the script that launches the driver, while /var/log/querona.err.log contains output from Spark and the driver itself.

Building the package#

Cloudera 5.10 uses Spark 1.6 and therefore, the Spark 1.6 Querona driver must be first built in order to successfully assemble the installation package for Cloudera. Once done, navigate to src\SparkProxy\cloudera510 in the Querona repository and execute Build-Tarball.cmd. It will produce querona-cloudera510.tar.gz in the working directory, which also contains the installation script