ClickHouse official JDBC driver is built-into Querona and is ready to use.


ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented database management system capable of real-time generation of analytical data reports using SQL queries.

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Connection settings

The available and recommeded JDBC connection settings are:

Setting name Default value Description
apache_buffer_size 65536  
buffer_size 65536 The number of bytes in the result to buffer in the server memory.
compress 0  
connection_timeout 10000 Connection timeout in milliseconds.
socket_timeout 30000 Enables or disables data compression in the response to an HTTP request. Possible values: 0 — Disabled, 1 — Enabled, default 0.
ssl false Enable SSL/TLS for the connection.
sslrootcert   SSL/TLS root certificate.
sslmode strict Verify or not certificate: none (don’t verify), strict (verify).
use_server_time_zone true Whether to use timezone from server.
use_time_zone   Which time zone to use.
use_server_time_zone_for_dates false Whether to use timezone from server on Date parsing in getDate(). If false, Date returned is a wrapper of a timestamp at start of the day in client timezone. If true - at start of the day in server or use_timezone timezone.

Unsupported data types

  • Array(T)
  • Enum
  • Tuple(T1, T2, …)
  • AggregateFunction(name, types_of_arguments…)
  • Nested(Name1 Type1, Name2 Type2, …)
  • Expression
  • Set