Amazon Athena


Amazon Athena#

Amazon Athena driver is not bundled with Querona, and needs to be installed before use.

There are the following drivers available:

  • JDBC (free)

  • CData (trial/commercial)


Follow these steps to install the JDBC driver for Amazon Athena on your Windows computer:

  1. If Java is not already installed on your computer, download and install the latest Java version.

  2. Download the JDBC driver (.jar file) from the Amazon Athena User Guide on Amazon’s website.

  3. Move the downloaded .jar file to directory that holds JDBC drivers,

  4. declared in ADMINISTER ‣ System Administration ‣ Engine configuration, field “Built-in JVM classpath”.


  1. Go to the CData website.

  2. In the ADO.NET Provider Download section, select Download Trial or Download Full, depending on your use-case.

  3. In the list CData Software - Downloads that displays, register or sign-in.

  4. Download the ADO.Net driver and install the driver.

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