CSV/TSV driver is not bundled with Querona, and needs to be installed before use.

Here are the following drivers available:

  • ODBC (free)
  • CData (commercial).


We recommend to first try the ODBC Text Driver, and if its capabilities are insufficient for your use case, then consider switching to commercial CData driver.

Microsoft ODBC Text Driver installation

Follow the instructions described in the ODBC.

CData Driver installation

Follow these steps to install the Windows driver for JSON:

  1. Go to the CData website.
  2. In the ADO.NET Provider Download section, select Download Trial or Download Full, depending on your use-case.
  3. In the list CData Software - Downloads that displays, register or sign-in.
  4. Download the ADO.Net driver and install the driver.

Custom delimiter in CData driver

Let’s assume that we want to connect to a CSV file that:

  • has a header,
  • is delimited by semicolon character “;”

The following connection string can be used:

DataSource=[ServerName]; IncludeFiles="CSV"; FMT="Delimited(;)"; HDR="Yes";

For different delimiter change the ‘FMT=”Delimited(_put_your_delimited_here_)” property and replace the placeholder _put_your_delimited_here_ with your desired character.