Service Management#

There are several ways to manage Querona. The easiest way is to use Web GUI, also known as Administrative Portal.


Some management tasks require the use of OS-level tools.

Administrative Portal#

The Administrative Portal gives you access to almost all of the functionality required to manage Querona. Engine configuration, Monitoring, Logging, Spark management, or Job management, are all available using any supported browser.

If you prefer to use Transact-SQL statements, the web Query Editor is also available.


A lot of tasks can be accomplished with Transact-SQL statements.

Querona provides Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) that query the status and configuration of Querona. There are also Transact-SQL commands for object-level management tasks. You can run these commands in any client tool that supports connecting to SQL Server and running Transact-SQL queries, for example sqlcmd, or Visual Studio Code, Sql Server Management Services, and others.